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NMT Lower Back Brace


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“NMT Lower Back Brace” ~ New Natural Back Pain Relief ~ Physical Therapy ~ Adjustable Black Support Belt, Scoliosis ~ Posture Corrector for Men & Women ~ 4 Adjustable Sizes: M, L, XL, and XXL.

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“What Everybody Ought to Know….About Overwhelming Backache Anguish, and the Hot New NMT Back Support Belt”

  • 4 Adjustable Sizes to Maximize Moving Comfort. Posture Pain Relief, Lightweight, Durable Breathable Material, Therapeutic.
  • In Correct Firm Position/Adjustment, you’ll sense Thermal & Acupuncture effect in 15-30 minutes.
  • Tourmaline Magnets Capture your Body Heat, Moisture will Increase Electromagnetic Performance.
  • Safe to Use, Improves Blood Flow & Range of Motion, Resulting in Lower Back Pain Relief, and Healing.
  • Magnetic Therapy Helps Detoxification, Trim Belly Fat & Slims Waist in Some People, 100% Latex Free.

“Imagine Freedom of Movement and Relief From Twinge and Pain.”   Approved CE & FDA

– Reduces Inflammation and swelling 
– Very safe, easy to use & reusable 
– Feeling secure & supported driving cleaning the house gardening

Due to my NMT back support brace friends and family were amazed seeing me gardening again. B Payne’s book The Body Magnetic states that the use of magnetic substances for healing has a history more than 100,000 years old. Magnets on current evidence are used effectively in conjunction with modern science to alleviate symptoms of specific conditions also seems to provide slimming qualities & detoxification on some people. R Skinner, author of Magnetic Therapy: Powerful Healing Force asserts that ‘a magnetic field improves blood circulation in living tissue.[thus]

it is an excellent way of treating all forms of pain.’

The FDA and NHS have now included magnetic products on their approval list for bone fractures and pain relief therapies. Email/download link to 33 page FREE eBook sent immediately upon confirmation of your order

– Tourmaline, High-Tech application of Nanotechnology. Bio-Thermal 4 functions of negative ion, infrared, magnetic, natural heating 
– Analgesic effect on muscles & prevents spasm Ideal for back strains and degenerative conditions 
– Miracle Healing Power. 2 Sizes for maximum comfort

I feel so confident that you’ll be Ecstatic after using this device that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it within two months for a FULL REFUND – no questions asked, FREE eBook with my Compliments

Order NOW while the FREE eBook is available and you’ll be able to play again when you never thought you could

3 reviews for NMT Lower Back Brace

  1. admin

    ByMichele Mon December 9, 2015
    Size: XXL-Length 51″Verified Purchase
    This is AWESOME! I have a degenerative disk in my lower back causing me to wince as I get up/sit down.(or stand too long) Within a few days this has relieved SO much of my pain I dare call it a MIRACLE! It’s comfortable, adjustable &light weight enough to almost forget it’s there. I can’t recommend this item enough! If you have lower back pain you MUST have one of these-you will not regret it!

  2. admin

    By Vayu
    Verified Purchase
    I will highly recommend this belt to any one who has lower back issues for longer period and does not have any good belt to support the back. It also heals the sore muscles and you can see the difference within couple of days itself.

    This belt turned out a blessing when I was suffering from lower back pain 4 months back. I was unable to move for 5 days. Based on a lot of feedback I bought a couple lower back support belts and none of them gave me any kind of relief. Desperately, I was looking for a better option which could support and heal my back during this tough time. It was very frustrating to see myself not able to sit, stand and move freely. I found it on Amazon with few rave reviews and then I decided to give it a shot.

    I am not sure whether you believe me or not but, it started doing miracle on day 1 itself. Within 4-5 days my lower-back healed significantly and by 10th day I was feeling completely normal. Now this belt is my buddy. When ever, I do any heavy lifting or when ever, I go for long drive it is with me and supports my back.

    Stay healthy and now start stretching everyday to prevent further damage.

    UPDATED: 01/02/2015:

    I’ve recovered completely now. I also started running & stretching and recently I finished 5 half marathons. Now, I’m preparing for a full-marathon. Please note, “Running” involves a lot of pressure on lower back and it seems, the pain is no more there at all.

    I also have recommended this belt to at least 10 people and all of them had a great experience so far and I got so many blessings in return. It really has some serious magic healing powers. Hats-off to its inventors or should I call them the Healers.

  3. admin

    Verified Purchase
    I have severe lower back arthritis. This back support has been a blessing! I can stand up without any stiffness or pain and can stand for longer periods without any pain. Thank you for making this item available!

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