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NMT Neck Brace


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“NMT Neck Brace” ~ Neck Pain, Headache Relief ~ Physical Therapy ~ Tourmaline Remedy for Stiff Neck ~ Cervical Collar Adjustable ~ New Natural Healing Device for Men & Women.


The Facts you Should Know.  “Tourmaline Health Magnets Also Help Relieve Stress and Increase Mental Alertness”.

1 Size Fits most.  Adjustable, in 15-30 min You’ll sense Thermal & Acupuncture effect to Cervical area.
Moisture Increases Tourmaline Magnet’s Warmth, Initially Use Only Until Warm, Increase with Time.
The Effect of Magnetic Therapy Treatment Reduces Pain, Inflammation, and Enhances Tissue Healing.
Safe Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Heat Physical Therapy Penetrates Targeting the Injured Cells.
Easy to Use, Safe, Long Lasting & Lightweight Reusable Material, 45-60 min per Day Recommended.

Imagine Freedom of Movement and Neck Pain. Approved CE/FDA

– Reduces Inflammation and swelling
– Very safe, easy to use collar, 100% Latex Free
– Suitable for Pain Relief associated with Tension, Fibromyalgia, Meningitis

Increases comfort, stability, and strengthen your immune system. B Payne’s book The Body Magnetic states that the use of magnetic substances for healing has a history more than 100,000 years old. Magnets on current evidence are used effectively in conjunction with modern science to alleviate symptoms of specific conditions also seems to provide slimming qualities & detoxification on some people. R Skinner, author of Magnetic Therapy: Powerful Healing Force asserts that ‘a magnetic field improves blood circulation in living tissue.[thus] it is an excellent way of treating all forms of pain.’

The FDA and NHS have now included magnetic products on their approval list for bone fractures, pain relief therapies. 33 page FREE eBook sent immediately upon confirmation of your order

– Bio-Thermal 4 functions of negative ion, FIR, magnetic, natural heating
– Prevents muscle spasm, ideal for stiff neck, strains and degenerative conditions
– Tourmaline permanent magnets supply more than ten kinds of trace elements, such as Magnesium, Aluminium, Iron.I feel so confident with your results after using this device that if you are not 100% satisfied you can return it within two months for a FULL REFUND – no questions asked, FREE eBook with my Compliments

Order NOW while the FREE eBook is available and you’ll be able to play again when you never thought you could

3 reviews for NMT Neck Brace

  1. admin

    By Chronic Migraine Sufferer
    Verified Purchase
    Let me first start by saying that I am an avid Amazon shopper and I have never posted a review, even though there are many items that I am satisfied and dissatisfied with. With that said, I also tend to read reviews to help me make my decision about a product. I felt very compelled to write a review on this product. I have suffered from headaches since being a child…stress, sinus, and migraines As many people that suffer with headaches, you learn to just deal with it and you carry on with your life’s activities (work, family activities, etc.) with the discomfort. I am someone that hates to rely upon medication to get relief, but as many people that suffer from chronic conditions, when the pain gets too intense, sometimes there is no other option if you need relief in order to carry on with your daily activities. I ordered the NMT Neck Brace and thought…what do I have to lose, it such an inexpensive item and if I can even get a slight bit of relief, it will be worth it. I received it and there was no instructions with it and then I remembered, oh…I received an email on this so I opened the email, read it and downloaded the e-book that accompanied it. In addition, I also went onto the website of the NeoMedina Tech and found the story behind the owner/developer very interesting. Anyways…I put a small amount of water on the magnets and then placed the neck brace on. I wasn’t really feeling anything so I thought, well I will just lie down and relax and cover my eyes, because that’s what I do when I have a migraine, and before long, the magnets began to get extremely warm and I could feel exactly what I was hoping to feel. It was like a nice warm heating pad on my neck, without having to have a heating pad plugged in. Soon it was so warm that I had to remove it. I could feel the blood flow and before long, I was feeling the headache easing up and then later, I realized the headache was completely gone. Wow, was not expecting complete relief…was just looking for it to dull it and make it that I could function. Now I do not leave the house without my neck brace, because this is excellent to utilize as I am at work or anyplace that I don’t have the ability to have a bulky heating pad to place at the base of my neck…I just wet the magnets and put the neck brace on and it provides the relaxation and improved circulation needed to help get rid of the headaches, especially the migraines, without the need of my migraine rescue medication!!! As a side note, I’ve had this for several weeks now and the other day I experienced a severe sinus headache. I have a “eye mask” that you heat in the microwave and then place over your eyes and it is helpful in a sinus headache. I thought, hmmm, I wonder if this magnet thing would work…so I did something that I am not sure I should do, but it worked wonders for me, so I will continue…I’m not endorsing it for anyone else, as I’m not sure it is approved for this, but when you are desperate and don’t want to take a ‘cold or sinus pill’ as I don’t…I put water on the magnets and then placed it directly over the sinus area on the side of face that hurt and it certainly didn’t take long for it to get warm and I removed it and boy did I feel the circulation begin and soon the sinuses started to break up and I felt much better and my sinuses cleared and the headache…gone. Bottom line…rather than reaching for a pill to cure what ails you…try something natural and please be patient and give this a chance…it will work and it is amazing!!! We are such a society of “give me a pill for instant relief and if we would start to go back to what has worked for centuries and get back to natural remedies, I think we all would benefit from it greatly! Thank you Mr. Medina for researching and coming up with something that has helped this chronic migraine sufferer!!! I hope others will give it a try and experience the relief I have!!!!

  2. admin

    Verified Purchase
    Today was a really bad day.

    A personal tragedy had me crying my eyes out since early morning. The resultant headache was like a migrane! As Grace would have it, I had just received this neck brace yesterday and read the free e-book about it’s healing properties.

    I put the brace on and went about my correspondence tasks after such an event and after a while – even though I was still very upset, I notice my headache is gone!

    I will definitely and wholeheartedly recommend this product and this seller to others.

  3. admin

    Verified Purchase
    Love it!

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